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   STUDIO TOP company now owned by Martina Valášková and Iva Smutná. The company was founded in early 90 years as an ordinary hair salon. They each have a small business in their homes (in the Lužany near Jicin and in Jicin, the hospital premises). In 1994, we have jointly set up a hairdressing salon in Jicin in Tyršova street.

Since 1996, when we are combing the regional round of 12 finalists of Miss Czech Republic name Miss Czech Paradise we had the honor to partner with several other beauty contests, as well as Agate Miss in 2002.

Since 1999, we also ran a hair salon in Lázně Bělohrad. We started to regularly participate in various competitions such as Hairstyle Year 99 and we attended the prestigious hairdressing event studies in the CR and abroad. In 2000 it was a competition show in Berlin and in 2002 we got into the prestigious club TOP 20 WELLA.

In 2003 we decided to invest in their own premises in the new building block on the nábřeží I. Geisslové street 250 m from the town center complete. We also planned to extend our services outside the hairdresser about cosmetics and pedicures. Our modern establishment has been designed according to strict European standards.

In 2003, our company was engaged in hairdressing and makeup services for magazine models Sezóna attractive destinations in Crete, Menorca and the Canary Islands. In 2004 our company has established a hairdressing salon and a solarium in the center of Prague near the Palacky Square. However, in order to fully focus on our customers at the newly opened plant in Jičín operation in the Prague office has been terminated.

In October 2004, our hairdresser coveted the prestigious EUROSALON WELLA, which the WELLA company granted only to hairdressing salons that within the region meet the many challenging conditions for operation. They are especially perfect customer service, offer additional services and business representative with good access.

We participate in regular training courses organized by WELLAwhere perfecting work with new products, we can not miss on various hairdressing competitions and prestigious events. We go to regular departmental meetings in the whole country but also abroad. On the 15th we 7.4.2009 TOP STUDIO anniversary held at Masaryk Theater in Jicin with fashionable salon tauchmanova COUTURE and shop designer fashion BOND celebration in the spirit of performance entitled FASHION & HAIR SHOW.

Today we offer a broad portfolio of services from the hairdresser, through cosmetics, medicinal pedicure to Ergoline solarium. Now we have four top-trained staff and our clients visit us not only from Jičín and a wide area, but also from more distant cities, incl. Prague (Capital of CR).

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Lenka Konečná Alice Pelantová Pavlína Reiková Michaela Hakenová

We work exclusively with hair care WELLA PROFESSIONAL. In our offer we also sell products WELLA PROFESSIONAL, WELLA SP (SYSTEM PROFESSIONAL) and now also GLOBAL KERATIN and NIOXIN.

We are making hair by OMBRE method

We work with hair care WELLA Our saloon using professional products WELLA SP  (SYSTEM PROFESSIONAL) We are certified and authorized saloon for product Global Keratin We use a new product NIOXIN We work with and offers for sale Wella Professionals CARE3 products